Occupational Health and Safety

Our Occupational Health and Safety Department offers help in all parts of wellbeing and security identifying with field and managerial activities. We are focused on guaranteeing the wellbeing and prosperity of general society, the earth and all The Miller Construction Company representatives, subcontractors and our providers.

At The Miller Constructions our basic belief is the wellbeing and security of our workers and people in general. Our way of life is one where all workers know that their wellbeing and security is of our most astounding concern and a state of business. To help this we have actualized a vigorous Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System that furnishes the executives and representatives with the structure and projects required to meet our basic belief of guaranteeing a sheltered and solid working environment.

The program’s traits include:

  • The Miller Construction has accomplished a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) since 2013.
  • The Miller is remotely inspected every year by the IHSA.
  • Given various Safety Awards
  • Created and displayed after the OH&S 18001 rules.

Modern Design

The most difficult task is getting a project off the ground. To help, we offer everything from project financing, to development and design management, and providing constructibility and facilities management input into design. Above that, we also offer a service where we provide a guaranteed maximum price for design and construction before designs are even one-third complete. It’s all about risk elimination and setting up the project for success.

Construction Managment

Construction is at our core. We’re able to build anything from skyscrapers to subways, and from schools to hospitals. We have delivered projects under every type of contract model. Our construction experts utilize the latest technology and software to build your projects. For us, nothing is out of scope, and we’re always up for a challenge.

General Contractor

When other financiers, builders, and designers walk away, we’re getting started. We will tech-out your asset, furnish and equip it, we will manage, operate, maintain, and renew it.

Safety Culture

At The Miller Construction we endeavor to guarantee we have a work culture established on working


In 2008, The Miller Construction started a change program. We trust that administration responsibility is the way to progress and we guarantee that our workers are well-outfitted with the learning that they need.
The goal of the Safety Culture Program is to accomplish wellbeing greatness through the contribution everything being equal. Security is a state of work at The Miller Construction. Security Culture depends on practices which are convictions, presumptions and standards otherwise called “unwritten codes of conduct”. The Safety Culture Program includes cutting edge hourly specialists surfacing issues and enabling the gathering to conceptualize and aggregately move in the direction of decreasing danger of damage to all.


Our representatives consistently perform work at statures, limited space exercises, digging, working in rush hour gridlock and numerous other overwhelming common exercises. The Miller Construction Company keeps on encountering an unfaltering development in positive security culture. Our Grass Roots Team ventures have additionally ended up being extremely fruitful winning two CRH Canada President’s Awards for OH&S Excellence in 2012:
Silver President’s Award victor – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) utilized at Toronto Pearson International Airport DCC venture site

Golden Eagle Awards

The Miller Construction has won three Golden Eagle Awards. The honor is given to a CRH Americas Materials (AMAT) organization for accomplishing 1 million hours worked without a Lost Time Injury. The honor is displayed by the Vice President of Health and Safety and Environment and President of CRH Americas Materials.

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